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Your bitcoin banking experience

The Bitwala Bitcoin Wallet is a secure and convenient way to manage your bitcoin. Convert and pay bills, send bank transfers and top up your Bitwala prepaid card all in one place

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You’re in charge

You have absolute control over your bitcoin wallet. You decide how you want to backup your password and keys. No one has access to your funds, not even Bitwala

Always on top

Receive real-time notifications on any incoming or outgoing bitcoin from your wallet. The Bitwala Bitcoin Wallet enables you to pay merchants or shops using bitcoin whenever you’re on the go

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Your Secure Solution

Our bitcoin wallet is a big deal for us. We worked hard in building a super secure wallet for you. We use multisig technology to ensure your absolute control over your funds

Two Factor

An added extra layer of security code ensuring the safety of your account and wallet

Strong password

We enforce the creation of a strong, new password specifically for the wallet itself

Multisig keys

You access 2 out of 3 encrypted private keys, so you are able to recover your wallet anytime with your password

1. I forgot my wallet password. How do I reset my password?

Unfortunately, there is no way to restore or change a wallet password as we do not have access your wallet due to our security policy. You would need your own password backup to restore it.

2. How do I add BTC to my Bitwala bitcoin wallet?

  1. Log into your Bitwala account then click on the wallet icon
  2. Click on “Receive”
  3. Send BTC using an external wallet by entering the exact amount and scanning the QR code of your Bitwala bitcoin wallet
  4. Confirm the transaction and you’re done!

For further assistance, feel free to visit our FAQ section or contact our support team at [Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 10AM-5PM CET]

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